How it all started

How it all started

So who is the giftmagicians? Are what do you even do?

I'll tell you,  it's really simple, at gift magicians we’ve mastered the art of making gifting magical. 

A family run business based in Brooklyn New York, we are the answer To it all. A family of 9 children we just want to enjoy life and have fun. We know what special family connections are and how special that feeling is when someone does something special JUST FOR YOU.  When you want to gift something to someone without a few little hands claiming it as their own.

You do something one step more then just another gift. So we customize it for you with that added touch of adding her personalized name on the gift so now it's her exclusive gift. whether it’s a surprise for your loved one on her special day or just because.

Or a last minute gifting frenzy .  having teens around the house
Gives us a first hand account of just what will make her smile
We offer a wide range of exclusive merchandise that cater to even
The most sophisticated  tastes - all personalized specially crafted for her.

Gift magicians. Gifting made SIMPLE. Gifting made FUN!!

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