There has to be a better way to shop school supplies

There has to be a better way to shop school supplies

The long lines, the kids pulling things off random shelves, crowded stores and fussy kids. Ok to me that's how my back to school supplies shopping would go.

I love back to school with all the new school supplies and crisp empty papers but how in the world can I avoid those lines and those stores.

Isn't it enough I have to stand hours at the uniform store. And then at the shoe store. By the time we were done I always thought there must be a better way to do this and get the kids happier too.

Then one day it hit me, create a fun box of supplies ready with everything you need.  Ok if your the type that enjoys standing on Long lines this is not for you but if your like me you'll be wishing someone did this earlier.

We tried to make it really fun with extra games,  treats and even a gift for mom. Hey moms check it out and if you sign up for out emails we will send you the gift for moms for free.

And im going to include a special 10% discount code BTS10 for you cuz we know how the expenses really add up starting the school year.


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