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BooBoo Ball

BooBoo Ball

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For Boo Boos On-The-Go!


  • 6 matching bandages
  • 3 fun matching character stickers
  • 2 antibiotic ointment packets
  • Gel pack

...all found inside a secret zipper pouch on her tummy. 

Includes a keychain to clip onto your backpack, purse or stroller! 

Perfect for kids, teenagers, and grandmas purse, too. 

Booboo ball's happy face, sweet smile and fun squishy ball-shaped body, give this irresistibly plush friend his lovable charm. Lily is always ready to share secrets and give hugs.

Calms anxiety. Comforts and soothes. 

  • Sterile & self adhesive bandages 100% latex free, 3/4" x 3"
  • Super soft plush toy on a keychain with a mini Boo Boo Kit inside!
  •  Plushie ball 5"x 6"
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