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Car Valet

Car Valet

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The Genuine Wood Vehicle Hanger is a great gift for businessmen and professionals. The cloths hang wrinkle-free from behind the driver or passenger headrests. Hang your coat, jacket, sweater, suit, and the likes on it to avoid creasing or crumpling and you'll always look sharp and crisp for your business meeting.

You can put the hanger in any vehicle that has removable headrest with an accessible headrest post. Typically, that is any headrest that can be raised and lowered. It easily attaches to the headrest by clipping on to it and can be removed just as easily by clipping it off. It can be transported from your car to your van or to any vehicle it is needed in.

Constructed out of premium quality genuine The Vehicle Hanger will match your car and only enhance the vehicle's interior. The luxurious wood is also durable and long-lasting. It is also non-marring, therefore, it won't damage the car interior.

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