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Cinema To Go

Cinema To Go

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What's this sorcery?

What’s the size of a thin book, expands to allow you to watch movies & other entertainment, folds flat instantly, but doesn’t carry the pricetag of an iPad? We’d like you to meet Cinema To Go™.

Perfect for entertaining the kids (or yourself, for that matter), this lo-tech mobile theatre is affordable, compact, easy to carry & use. Plus, it’s super fun to watch.

How does it work? The sturdy acrylic Fresnel lens magnifies the screen of your phone, which is placed on the stand behind it. The effect is a large, 11” amplified image, perfect for mesmerizing the clan.

How do you use it? The Cinema To Go stores completely flat, great for transport in your backpack or bag. When you’re ready, just roll the beautifully-hinged cover into a stand, extend the screen & place your phone on the phone platform against the stand for viewing.

Bonus: There’s no power, no cords, nothing to download, no technology to figure out. This is truly an old school friend for our hi-tech phones.

Materials: MDF + PVC + Acrylic + Flannelette.

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