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Drink "Wear" Tumbler

Drink "Wear" Tumbler

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Retro blooming beauty graphics adorn this pale pink water bottle (hand wash).  The lid is a bright pink sports-cap with nozzle.  The bottle and cap are BPA free.  Quench your thirst for beauty with the contents:  1 bottle of nail polish (5mL), a 4 color eyeshadow pallet, 1 tube of lip gloss and a sticker sheet.  Whether you’re heading to a slumber party or a play date, this cosmetic set makes creating stylish looks totally doable!  It comes with all the makeup, must-haves for a day of glam.  Ages 8+. 

Kit includes: 1 Water bottle, 1 lip gloss tube, 1 color of nail polish, 1 eyeshadow palette, 1 sheet of stickers

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