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Pink and Gold GlitterJournal Set

Pink and Gold GlitterJournal Set

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Your words are worth their weight in golf. Your doodles and designs are dynamite! The Pink and Gold Glitter Journal and Pen Set features 200-lined pages for kids to record their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and doodles. The included pen has a double dose of gems with a faux crystal on top and even more faux crystals inside the pen. Positive imagery and messaging “You are golden” adorn the journal’s front cover. Moving glitter pieces inside the front cover add an extra dimension of sparkle, shine, and shimmer. Kids will love the gem-themes and messaging on the foil puffy stickers. Use them to decorate the journal’s pages or share the stickers with friends. 

Set Includes:
- 1 glitter journal with lined pages (200 pages)
- 1 faux crystal-filled and crystal-topped pen
- 1 sheet of foil puffy stickers

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